Implant Crowns

This patient needed to have one of his front teeth removed and replaced with an implant. As you can see, we have successfully achieved excellent gum tissue health and esthetics. The implant crown is virtually indistinguishable from the rest of the natural teeth, even with close up photography. These kinds of beautiful results can be expected whether back teeth or front teeth are being replaced! At Classic Dental Smiles, we are able to plan, place, and restore dental implants all in one convenient location in Rancho Bernardo!

Patient Testimonial:A Painless Dental Implant Experience!

This patient was surprised that the dental implant procedure was absolutely painless. In fact, she commented that she thought something went wrong because she didn’t feel any discomfort during or …

Patient Testimonial:Happy retired physician

Hear from one of our patients about his experience with the Classic Dental Smiles team!