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I really don’t like to floss. Can I use mouthrinse instead?

No, no, never, no! Mouthiness are effective in some cases, but there’s no way around it – nothing can replace brushing and flossing for optimal effect. The biofilm that forms on our teeth (also known as plaque) is a thin layer of bacteria that needs to be physically removed. In other words, no mouth rinse will be as effective as a diligent routine of brushing or flossing (despite what some misleading ads may say).

Think of a plate of food after you have eaten a meal; in order for it to get really clean, you need to physically scrub away any of the debris left on it. By contrast, using a mouthrinse is like dipping it in soapy water (or any other cleaning solution) and hoping the plate will come out perfectly clean. If flossing is not possible because of a physical handicap, there are a number of different flossing aides and devices that we can recommend to help get those teeth sparkling clean! The best thing to do is to come see us and have your teeth evaluated. Once we are familiar with your mouth, we can make customized recommendations and partner with you in achieving a healthy, bright smile!

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