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Patient Reviews

An Easy Dental Implant Experience

This patient explains how efficient and easy his dental implant experience was. Despite missing one of his front teeth, Dr. Chan and the team at Classic Dental Smiles was able to restore his smile through the expert placement and restoration of a dental implant.

Rancho Bernardo Dental Implant Patient

This patient was hesitant at first to have a dental implant placed. However, she can attest that this was one of the easiest dental procedures she has ever had. The procedure did not take much time, and best of all it was painless!

A Painless Dental Implant Experience!

This patient was surprised that the dental implant procedure was absolutely painless. In fact, she commented that she thought something went wrong because she didn’t feel any discomfort during or after the procedure. Her response of being pleasantly surprised at the painless outcome is a very common reaction we see at Classic Dental Smiles.

This patient drives from out of state to come to Classic Dental Smiles!

This patient appreciates the open and clear communication she receives from Dr. Brian Chan before any dental work is done. She also drives from out of state (Arizona) to come to Rancho Bernardo and see the staff at Classic Dental Smiles!

Happy retired physician

Hear from one of our patients about his experience with the Classic Dental Smiles team!

A Painless Visit For Dr. Brian Chan’s Oldest Son!

Dr. Brian Chan’s 5 year old needed to have a tooth removed and was happy with the painless appointment! He recommends other kids see “daddy” at Classic Dental Smiles in Rancho Bernardo, San Diego!

Crown in a day process approved by this technology consultant!

This technology consultant in Rancho Bernardo recently had a crown procedure completed in one visit. He’s had dental work done in the past by different offices and loves the way Classic Dental Smiles provides excellent care through technology and compassion!

Dr. Chan Office Testimonial

This patient describes his awesome experience visiting Classic Dental Smiles. “High tech oriented and treated like family” says this happy patient. Make an appointment today! (858) 485-6781

Excellent Care During A Dental Emergency

This patient describes how Classic Dental Smiles helped her out during a dental emergency by putting her at ease, relieving her anxieties, and providing excellent dental care.

This young patient is happy with his painless visit!

Despite needing a filling, this 4S ranch pediatric patient was very happy with his dental visit. The shot did not hurt and the filling procedure was very quick and efficient!

Dr. Chan Video Testimonial for Classic Dental Smiles

For 7 years this patient has loved coming to Classic Dental Smiles for their dental expertise and excellent customer service. Call (858) 485-6781 to schedule an appointment.

Dr. Chan helped this patient get a perfect removable partial denture!

This patient is very satisfied with the professional care he received from Dr. Brian Chan at Classic Dental Smiles in Rancho Bernardo. He was impressed with the perfectionist approach Dr. Chan had in making sure his denture fit perfectly. On top of that, the denture is nearly invisible when the patient smiles.
See what other Rancho Bernardo patients are saying about the outstanding care they receive at or call 858/485-6781!

This engineer appreciates the technology of Classic Dental Smiles!

The use of technology at Classic Dental Smiles helped this Rancho Bernardo patient understand his need for a filling. The procedure was efficient and painless!

Dr. Chan is the best dentist she’s ever had!

This patient has worked as an educator in the dental profession and loves the care she received at Classic Dental Smiles. Dr. Chan is the “most gentle” dentist she’s ever had.

Hygiene Testimonial

This patient has been coming to Classic Dental Smiles for years and has always had excellent treatment. “Positive experience”. Don’t hesitate to give us a call (858) 485-6781.

Root Canal Testimonial

This patient describes her painless, simple, root canal procedure that she had done at Classic Dental Smiles. “Definitely come see Dr. Chan, he is awesome” says a very happy patient. Give us a call (858) 485-6781.

Implant Testimonial

Implant procedure done at Classic Dental Smiles “Dr. Chan provides a wonderful experience and I would recommend him to anyone”.
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Pearl K

My husband and I are in our fifties and we can honestly say that Dr. Chan and his dental staff are the best dental team we have ever had. The initial check-up and dental evaluation was very thorough. The entire dental staff are very knowledgeable, experienced and super friendly. If you are looking for a good, reliable dentist Dr. Chan is your man!!

Gene M

You guys treat me and my family like family when we come for 6 month dental cleanings and check ups. Very much appreciated! Dr Aanerud should be very proud that you have carried on with the family atmosphere and professionalism that you show your customers.

Fin R

We were referred to Dr. Chan by our good friend and were glad we switched to Classic Dental Smiles. The staff, from administration, hygienists and Dr. Chan are friendly and courteous. I feel very comfortable whenever I come for the regular cleaning. During my latest filling replacement procedures Dr. Chan was gentle when administering a local anesthesia and I was calmed and relaxed – I think at one time, I was falling asleep – that’s how comfortable I was. I have recommended my relatives, friends and co-workers to Dr. Chan. Thank you to the whole staff of Classic Dental Smiles – you guys are the best when it comes to dental services. Sincerely, Arifin Ramli